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When an individual has been injured by a dangerous product, has been wronged by an unfair contract or deal, has paid the price for anti-competitive business practices, or has had their privacy violated, they may not have recourse to the Courts on their own.

But when several people have the same or similar grievance regarding a company, organization, or other entity, they may have recourse by filing a class-action lawsuit.

A class action allows selected plaintiffs and their lawyers to proceed with legal action on behalf of the entire group, or ‘class’, of affected persons, making the proceedings financially feasible when they may not be otherwise. These common issues are advanced together as one case, providing each affected person with access to justice and holding the wrongdoers accountable.

Some common types of class actions in Canada are:

Current Class Actions

Forged Steel Price-Fixing

Forged Aluminum Price-Fixing

Loot Boxes

Luxottica Anti-Competitive Pricing

Hyundai / Kia Fire Defect

Hotel Website Price Fracturing

Lytton Creek Wildfire

Salvation Army Maternity Homes

Sumas Flood

Unlicensed BC Nurse



Flushable Wipes

BC Care Homes





SFU Privacy Breach

COVID-19 Insurance

Western Digital


With over 20 years of litigation experience, we have the resources, expertise and know-how to guide our clients through the complexity of class action litigation. Our conviction and perseverance to seek justice for our clients is evident in our long-standing commitment to representing individuals who have been hurt, marginalized, or disadvantaged by the wrongful acts of others.

Refined over twenty years, our team approach
ensures that every detail is covered.

It equips us to keep you informed and in control
through every step of your case.

Could starting a class action help you?

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