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Unlicensed BC Nurse Class Action Lawsuit

Slater Vecchio LLP files lawsuit on behalf of individuals treated by unlicensed nurse
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Update: Class Action Certification Decision

This action was recently certified on the issue of willful violation of privacy, please see the documents tab for the decision. The Court certified the action on behalf of all residents of Canada who were patients at BC Women’s Hospital and Health Center and who received treatments directly or indirectly from Brigitte Cleroux from June 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021. Class members will soon receive a communication about the next steps, and how to opt out of the class if so desired.

Official notice of the certification decision and instruction on how to opt out of the class action can be found in the documents tab.

The Court also held that any actions for damages arising from negligence, battery, or physical and/or psychological injury must be pursued individually by affected persons. There is a two-year time limit to file these claims from the date the person became aware that they could make a claim.  This will vary for each person.  For most people, it will be the day they received the letter from PHSA advising that Cleroux was involved in their care.  Most of these letters were sent in November of 2021.  Anyone wishing to file an individual claim should retain counsel and do so prior to November 1, 2023. If you would like Slater Vecchio LLP to represent you, please fill out the form on this page.

What is this class action lawsuit about?

Slater Vecchio LLP and Murphy Battista LLP are co-counsel on a class lawsuit against the Provincial Health Services Authority due to their negligence in permitting Brigitte Cleroux, an unlicensed nurse, to perform “care” on its patients.

From at least June 2020 to June 2021, Brigette Cleroux worked at BC Women’s Hospital and Health Care and cared for numerous different patients. At all times while working at the Hospital, Cleroux displayed herself as being a licensed and registered nurse in British Columbia. While in actuality, at no time while Cleroux worked at the Hospital, was she legally allowed to give treatment and care to patients.

Cleroux was recently charged with fraud over $5000 and personation with intent to gain advantage. However, these criminal charges are only punitive against Cleroux, and offer no relief to the women harmed by Cleroux’s “care”. Slater Vecchio LLP has filed a class-action lawsuit to represent all individuals who suffered harm or loss due to the Provincial Health Services Authority’s alleged negligence.

The Notice of Civil Claim states that the Provincial Health Services Authority was negligent in their implementation of proper screening procedures, failed to supervise nurses, detect that Cleroux was not qualified, and failed to notify patients affected by Cleroux’s care, amongst others. Due to the alleged negligence, class members suffered psychological injuries, substandard treatment, and personal injury from improper conduct administered by Cleroux.

The Provincial Health Services Authority sent out letters to all of those in BC who were treated by Cleroux. If this includes you, please fill out the contact form on this page.

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