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May 27, 2022
$12.5 Million Settlement Reached to Compensate Abused Children in N.L. Youth Homes
A class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of individuals abused at government-run youth homes in Newfoundland has reached a multi-million dollar settlement. The proposed settlement agreement represents over 70 individuals who were abused at Newfoundland Training Schools. There were two schools in Newfoundland, Whitbourne and St. John’s, where employees, priests, and even older children, committed sexual…
May 24, 2022
Yukon to Implement Action Plan in Relation to Sexual Abuse Cases
After the mishandling of a 2019 sexual abuse case at a Yukon elementary school, Jeanie McLean, the Yukon Education Minister, stated she and her department are doing everything in their power to prevent the same issues that occurred in 2019 from happening again. In February 2022, an external review found that the Yukon government failed…
May 21, 2022
Push for Sexual Assault Laws to Deal with Virtual Groping
Virtual reality games are demonstrating that art imitates life as complaints regarding inappropriate behaviour, particularly against female avatars, are being reported. With instances of virtual groping increasing, two Canadian lawyers are pushing for new laws surrounding conduct in virtual reality. These lawyers argue that since avatars are an extension of a person, our laws should…
May 17, 2022
Breaking the Cycle by Speaking Out
For most men, speaking out regarding past abuse/trauma can be difficult given the societal stigma. However, one man has found a sense of freedom and liberation from doing so. Troy Evans experienced years of sexual abuse from his family members during his childhood. In his early teens, he decided to turn to drugs and alcohol…
May 13, 2022
‘High School Too’ Bringing Awareness to Sexual Assaults at High Schools
The student who created Canadian the organization ‘High School Too’ is leading the charge nationwide in bringing dialogue to the issue of sexual assault in secondary schools. The leaders of this organization argue that most secondary schools don’t do enough to teach students about consent and lack proper resources to combat sexual violence. The goal…
May 10, 2022
Class Action Against Deceased Priest for Sexual Assault is Dismissed
A class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of the 13 victims of a disgraced Anglican priest has failed to be certified. The priest, Gordon Dominey, was accused of 33 counts of sexual assault against 13 different teens during the time he was an Anglican priest. The class-action lawsuit attempted to hold the Anglican Synod of the…
April 12, 2022
Potential Risks for Children in the Metaverse
As large technology companies continue to push into the virtual reality market, some individuals are worried about the potential harms the area may have for children. In particular, advocates say that this push into the virtual world could become a safe haven for child sex predators. Meta, previously Facebook, has launched a virtual reality app…
April 11, 2022
BC Government Adds Funding for Sexual Assault Survivors in New Budget
The British Columbia government has announced that $22 million in funding will be directed to sexual assault support programs across the province. The proposed funding is set to go to programs that traditionally operate solely from grants and other forms of donations. This funding will go directly to support the sexual assault response program’s core…
April 7, 2022
As Online Child Abuse Increases, Calls for New Legislation Continues to Grow
Last week an expert panel was appointed to help the Canadian government draft a new online safety bill. Among those appointed was Lianna McDonald, the executive director of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. McDonald, an expert on child protection online, is sure to press the government to deal with online child abuse in the…
February 28, 2022
Lawsuit Filed Against Quebec And Canada For Underfunding First Nations Child Welfare System
A class-action lawsuit against the Attorney Generals of Quebec and Canada has been filed by two individuals from Nunavik regarding the child welfare system. The representative plaintiffs allege that the governments of Quebec and Canada were discriminatory as demonstrated by the underfunding and neglect of child welfare services in Nunavik. Nunavik comprises much of Northern…