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'Inherent Risks': Caution Urged for Parents Utilizing Dating Apps, Warns Canadian Organization
A new child protection initiative aims to highlight the potential dangers for adults using dating apps....
Teen Boys are Most Common Victims of Sextortion
According to a recent report by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, sextortion crimes against children...
“Protect the Child” Proposals Popping Up Due to Lack of Online Regulation
In the age of social media, it can be hard to limit screen time. For children, this can be especially...
Potential Risks for Children in the Metaverse
As large technology companies continue to push into the virtual reality market, some individuals are...
Tinder Logo
Tinder Facing Allegations of Manipulating Individuals to Purchase Premium Features
Should a business unduly influence an individual’s choices without their awareness? Should a business...
Facebook Privacy Breach
Facebook hit by another data breach
Recently, Facebook announced that its user’s information was scraped from their databases back in 2019....
Social Media and Personal Injury Claims
Are you involved in a personal injury claim? Are you active on Social Media platforms? The Case A recent...
Protect Your Kids From Cyberbullies
Over half of teens have been bullied online or engaged in online bullying. One in three young adults...
Facebook - Only Half the Picture
At the end of March 2012, there were over 900 million active Facebook users. 300 million photos are added...
Court Says No to Fishing on Facebook, Twitter
The role of Facebook in BC Courtrooms is once again in the headlines. In Dosangh v. Leblanc and St. Paul’s...

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