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Establishing Clear Regulations for Personal Electric Vehicles: A Call for Clarity Over Bans
The popularity of e-bikes and e-scooters has grown substantially, leading to concerns about safety and...
Proposed Speed Limits for E-Scooters in New Westminster: A Bid for Safer Sidewalks
E-scooters have gained popularity as a convenient mode of transportation on the streets and sidewalks...
Cycling Advocacy Group Highlights Physical & Financial Risks of Texting While Biking
While the perils of distracted driving are widely acknowledged, a similar concern is emerging in the...
Sun’s Out, Bikes Out!
The sun is finally shining in Vancouver and the bikes are out in full force. Before you pedal off, it’s...
Mountain Bike Safety – Know Your Limits
Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains are a mountain biker’s paradise. Mountain biking is a thrilling sport...
Summer Biking Basics
Sun’s out, bikes out, right? It’s a joy to get on your bike and spin around the city – soaking up the...
Leave a Metre for the Bikes
Biking and sunny days go together so well. Biking and cars, not so much. But as the days warm up and...
Let’s All Share the Seawall
Like cherry blossoms and daffodils, every spring in Vancouver sees the return of something truly spectacular...
Bike Safety for Rainy Days
Vancouver is becoming as well-known for its cycling culture as it is for its rain. But what happens when...
The Dutch Reach Can Save Lives
Anyone who has ever biked along a row of parked cars has one serious dread – crashing into an opening...

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