Mountain Bike Safety – Know Your Limits

Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains are a mountain biker’s paradise. Mountain biking is a thrilling sport but also one of the most dangerous. Here are five mountain bike rules to reduce your risk while riding the trails.

Wear a helmet.

When it comes to mountain bike safety, this is the number one rule.  Make sure your helmet fits properly before you hit the trails!

Gear up.

Safety equipment, like body armour, knee pads and elbow pads, can mean the difference between a small bruise and a broken bone or worse, a brain injury. Serious riders should wear a backpack and neck brace to help prevent injuries to the spine.

Check the weather.

A wet trail will actually allow for your tires to better grip the soil, while dry conditions may cause your bike to slip more easily. If the trails are especially dry, you may want to reduce your speed and even dismount when riding around tight-corner turns.

Pay attention.  

Note obstacles in the trail, like elevated roots, patches of rock, and fallen trees. Pay attention to sharp turns and blind corners – this is where the most serious accidents happen!

Know your limits.

Whether you are a veteran rider or new to the sport, it is important to always stay in control of your bike. Control means more than simply being able to stop; it means prioritizing your ability to react over your need for speed. It takes skill and experience to avoid potentially dangerous situations on the trail, so if a section of the trail exceeds your ability, get off your bike. And, watch out for other riders, joggers, hikers, and dogs.

Did you know?

Vancouver is known as the birthplace of Free-Riding. Every year, thousands of bikers make the trek to the North Shore to experience our trails! Click here to learn more about Free-Riding.

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