Bike Helmet Safety for Children

School’s out for the summer! Vancouver children are enjoying their freedom by riding their bicycles all day. You’ll see children cycling on city and suburban streets, trails, bridges, and seawalls.

According to the City of Surrey, over 50,000 Canadians sustained brain injuries in 2012 and these injuries involved both adults and children. Head injuries are also the leading cause of serious injury and death to kids on bicycles.

Here are some bike helmet safety tips for children.

  1. The helmet should sit two fingers’ width above your child’s eyebrows. Your child should be able to look up and see the helmet on their forehead and the helmet should sit level on their head. Your child’s head is not protected if the helmet is tipped back.
  2. The helmet straps should form a “V” under your child’s ears. This positioning helps keep the helmet in the proper position.
  3. There should be one finger space between their chin and the strap. This means there should be just enough room to ensure they don’t get pinched when you are strapping the helmet on.
  4. The helmet should not slide around on your child’s head and it should fit snugly.

Wearing a helmet while cycling is the law in British Columbia. Read, Properly Fit Your Child’s Helmet, for more information.

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