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ARC Airbags Class Action

Slater Vecchio LLP has filed a class action against ARC Automotive and multiple large car manufacturers due to allegations that ARC Airbags are defective and could result in serious or fatal injuries.
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What is this lawsuit about?

Slater Vecchio LLP has filed a class action lawsuit against ARC Automotive, FCA (Chrysler), General Motors, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Audi.

In 2023, an investigation by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tentatively concluded that airbag inflators designed and manufactured by ARC Automotive, Inc. contain a defective component which has rendered millions of airbags in motor vehicles vulnerable to exploding and propelling shrapnel and debris through the cabin of motor vehicles upon deployment.

As a result of this finding, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requested that ARC Automotive, Inc. issue a recall to cure this defect:

“NHTSA is issuing this recall request letter to notify you that the Agency has tentatively concluded that a defect related to motor vehicle safety exists in the frontal driver and passenger air bag inflators under investigation that were produced before installation of borescopes on all toroidal inflator manufacturing lines in January 2018 (“subject inflators”), and to demand that ARC issue a Part 573 Recall Report addressing that safety defect.”

Despite this request, ARC Automotive, Inc. and many vehicle manufacturers have refused to recall the affected parts or vehicles.

To date, there have been multiple injuries and deaths in North America due to ARC Automotive, Inc.’s airbag inflators.

The action alleges that ARC Automotive, Inc. was negligent in its design of the airbag inflators and for its failure to warn Canadians of this defect or the safety risk it presents.

The action also alleges that the manufacturers of vehicles containing the airbag inflators were negligent in their design of the vehicles and for failure to warn, and have breached the Competition Act, RSC 1985, c C-34 and consumer protection legislation across Canada.

What is a class action?

A class action is a legal case through which one person makes a claim to the Court on behalf of a similarly situated class of people who have the same or a similar legal claim. A class action seeks to hold a defendant or defendants responsible for their conduct that affects each member of the class by resolving issues that are common to the class in the same legal proceeding, instead of each class member bringing a claim individually.  

The individual who first files the claim must ask the Court for permission to proceed as a class action.  If permission is granted, and the case may proceed as a class action, the Court will appoint an individual as “Representative Plaintiff” to represent the best interests of the class during the litigation and define the class group.  Each person who meets the criteria of the class group is considered a “Class Member”. 

Who does this class action represent?

This lawsuit seeks compensation on behalf of Canadians who own(ed) and/or lease(d) vehicles containing these dangerous and defective components and Canadians who have been injured as a result of the Defendants’ conduct. 

The proposed class action seeks to represent all individuals and legal persons in Canada who purchased and/or leased, and those who were injured or killed as a result of a defective airbag inflator in, one or more of the following vehicles:

Manufacturer  Make  Model  Model Year 
BMW  BMW  i3  2014-2017 
FCA  Chrysler  Town & Country  2001-2007 
Chrysler  PT Cruiser  2001-2002 
Dodge  Ram 1500  1998-1999 
Dodge  Ram 2500  1998-1999 
Dodge  Ram 3500  1998-1999 
Dodge  Caravan  2001-2007 
Dodge  Grand Caravan  2001-2007 
Jeep  Renegade  2015-2016 
Fiat  500x  2015-2016 
Ford  Ford  Crown Victoria  2004-2011 
Mercury  Grand Marquis  2004-2011 
Lincoln  Town Car  2004-2011 


Buick  Enclave  2008-2017 
Buick  LaCrosse  2005-2009, 2017 
Buick  Rainier  2005-2007 
Buick  Rendezvous  2004-2007 
Buick  Terazza  2005-2007 
Cadillac  ATS  2013-2017 
Cadillac  CTS  2003-2007, 2014-2016 
Cadillac  Deville  2004-2005 
Cadillac  ELR  2014, 2016 
Cadillac  Escalade  2003-2016 
Cadillac  Escalade EXT  2003-2013 
Cadillac  Escalade ESV  2003-2014 
Cadillac  Seville  2003-2004 
Cadillac  SRX  2004-2009 
Cadillac  STS  2005 
Cadillac  STS and STS-V  2006-2007 
Cadillac  XLR  2004-2007 
Cadillac  XTS  2013-2016 
Chevrolet  Aveo  2004-2005 
Chevrolet  Avalanche  2002-2013 
Chevrolet  Cavalier  2003-2005 
Chevrolet  Corvette C6  2005-2013 
Chevrolet  Epica  2004 
Chevrolet  Equinox  2005-2006 
Chevrolet  Express  2003-2008 
Chevrolet  Impala  2006-2010 
Chevrolet  Malibu  2004-2005, 2008-2015 
Chevrolet  Monte Carlo  2006-2010 
Chevrolet  Silverado  2003-2013 
Chevrolet  Suburban  2002-2014 
Chevrolet  Tahoe  2003-2014 
Chevrolet  SSR  2003-2006 
Chevrolet  TrailBlazer  2004 
Chevrolet  Trailblazer/EXT  2005-2009 
Chevrolet  Traverse  2009-2017 
Chevrolet  Venture  2004-2005 
Chevrolet  Uplander  2005-2009 
GMC  Acadia  2007-2016 
GMC  Envoy  2004 
GMC  Envoy/XL/XUV  2005-2009 
GMC  Savana  2003-2008 
GMC  Sierra  2003-2013 
GMC  Yukon  2003-2013 
GMC  Yukon XL  2003-2013 
Hummer  H2  2003-2007 
Hummer  H3  2006-2010 
Hummer  H3T  2009-2010 
Oldsmobile  Bravada  2004-2005 
Oldsmobile  Silhouette  2004 
Pontiac  Bonneville  2004-2005 
Pontiac  G6  2005-2009 
Pontiac  Montana  2004-2005 
Pontiac  Montana SV6  2005-2009 
Pontiac  Sunfire  2003-2005 
Pontiac  Torrent  2006 
Saab  9-7X  2005-2009 
Saturn  Aura  2007-2009 
Saturn  Outlook  2007-2010 
Saturn  Relay  2005-2009 
Saturn  Vue  2004-2007 
Hyundai  Hyundai  Azera  2007-2011 
Hyundai  Elantra  2006-2016 
Hyundai  Elantra Touring  2007-2012 
Hyundai  Elantra GT  2012-2016 
Hyundai  Equus  2009-2012 
Hyundai  Genesis Coupe  2010-2015 
Hyundai  Sonata  2005-2010 
Hyundai  Tiburon  2002-2008 
Hyundai  Tucson  2004-2010 
Hyundai  XG350  2002-2005 
Kia  Kia  Amanti  2006-2009 
Kia  Forte  2014-2016 
Kia  Magentis  2001-2006 
Kia  Rio  2009-2011 
Kia  Rondo  2007-2012 
Kia  Sedona  2006-2014 
Kia  Sportage  2005-2016 
Mercedes-Benz  Smart  Fortwo  2008-2016 
Volkswagen  Volkswagen  Golf  2016 
Volkswagen  Golf R  2016 
Volkswagen  Golf Wagon  2016 
Volkswagen  GTI  2016 
Audi  A3  2016 
Audi  A3 E-Tron  2016 
Audi  S3  2016 
Audi  TT  2016 

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