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Salvation Army Maternity Home Class Action Lawsuit - Canada

This class action lawsuit alleges institutionalized discrimination against young and/or unmarried women and girls who were confined to, in or admitted to facilities run by the Salvation Army
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What is this lawsuit about?

On October 7, 2021, Slater Vecchio LLP filed a class action against The Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada for their institutional discrimination against young and unmarried pregnant girls and women.

This class action seeks to represent all the affected women across Canada who were placed or resided in the maternity homes operated by the Salvation Army. This lawsuit alleges that vulnerable pregnant girls and women who were placed into these maternity homes were taken advantage of by the Salvation Army, which failed to meet its duty to care for them as well as to protect their security and safety.

The alleged abuses include mandates and policies enforced by the Salvation Army designed with the objective to break the will of the pregnant girls and women for the purpose of seizing newborn infants to put up for adoption through the Salvation Army and/or its agencies.

Who is included in this class action?

This class action includes individuals who were placed or resided in a maternity home operated by the Salvation Army in Canada. The list of maternity homes includes:

  • Maywood Home
  • Hill Haven/Parkwood House
  • Grace Haven
  • Bethany Home (Changed to Lindenview Place)
  • Bethany Home & Hospital
  • Bethesda Home & Hospital
  • Faith Haven
  • Grace Haven/Lakehead Florence Booth Home
  • Florence Booth Home
  • Grace Haven (called Parkdale House after 1975)
  • Bethany Home
  • Evangeline Home “Rathbone House”
  • The Anchorage
  • Glenbrook Lodge

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