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Michael Slater Wins "Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year"
We are very pleased to announce that Michael Slater, a founding partner of Slater Vecchio, has been named...
Add Concussion Awareness to Your Pre-Game Checklist
In an earlier post, James Richards comments on some of the issues surrounding concussions, kids, and...
Amber Gambler? Not a Smart Bet.
The light turns yellow. Do you stop? Do you proceed with caution? Do you floor it? BC Supreme Court case...
Steps to Take After a Car Accident
Did you know that your odds of being in a car accident in the next year are one in 44? So be prepared...
Can You Sue Another Worker for Negligence?
The law says that you can sue for damages if you are injured as a result of another person’s negligence....
Road Sense in Autumn
Labour Day has come and gone and it’s back to work and school for many of us. And with the daily...
Street Sense & Child Safety
People across the province are giving a collective sigh of relief as they learn of 3-year-old Kienan...
Concussions, Kids & Sport
The issues surrounding head trauma in sport is an increasingly hot topic these days. We recently posted...
Suing a Municipality? Remember the 2 Month Rule
Imagine you are injured in an accident caused by the negligence of a city or municipality. What do you...
Pedestrians: Don't Become a Statistic
Four months to go in the year and Vancouver has already surpassed last year’s traffic death toll....

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