Help Keep Pedestrians Safe This Winter

The Province reports that in the span of 24 hours, at least six pedestrians were struck by cars in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Five of the injured were taken to hospital, three in serious condition. Another four were hit the previous day crossing streets in Victoria. Two days earlier, two more pedestrians were killed in Vancouver, and one more in Prince Rupert from traffic accidents. That makes 13 pedestrian accidents in four days with three fatalities.

It’s December so weather conditions will continue to get worse. The Weather Network is forecasting for snow already this weekend in Vancouver. Avalanche and snowfall warnings have been issued for the local mountains and Sea-to-Sky highway.

It’s extremely important to be extra careful when driving during these winter months. Rain and snow will affect driving conditions, making it more difficult to see and harder to slow down quickly for pedestrians and stop lights. Be sure to leave extra space between you and the car in front of you in case you experience icy patches. And as it gets dark early, be aware of crosswalks, pedestrians, and joggers.

Pedestrians, it’s important to protect yourself in these poor visibility conditions. DriveRight offers these safety tips:

  • Wear bright colours and reflectors to make yourself visible in low light.
  • Be aware that hats, toques, and scarves can limit visibility – always double-check for traffic when crossing the street.
  • Stay on the sidewalks – there is more protection from vehicles.
  • Don’t play in the snow mounds by the side of the road – it’s easy to tumble off and drivers have little time to react.

Drivers, be especially cautious in residential neighbourhoods and school zones as children can get excited by the snow or puddles and don’t watch for traffic.

Let’s have fun in the winter weather, but be alert for potential dangers to prevent pedestrian accidents and keep everyone safe.

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