B.C.’s Tough Drunk Driving Laws Are Saving Lives

It’s official. The tougher drunk driving laws that came into effect in September 2010 are working. CBC reports that impaired driving deaths have been reduced by 46%. That’s 104 people alive today who could have died under the old drunk driving laws.

B.C.’s immediate roadside prohibition program was originally launched with a goal to cut down on alcohol-related traffic deaths by 35% by 2013. Attorney General Shirley Bond says more people are getting the message not to drink and drive, which is especially important to remember as we head into the holiday season.

In November 2011, a BC judge ruled that the IRP laws were unconstitutional. That law has since been amended. Police must now give drivers the option to take a second test and only the lower of the two readings counts. Police must also file proof that the breathalyzers are properly calibrated.

There are many options for a safe ride home. Call a friend or relative, take a bus or catch a cab. Over the holidays, Operation Red Nose begins again on November 30, and there are a variety of other driving programs to get you home safely. Please plan ahead; don’t drink and drive.

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