B.C. Tops List of Canada’s Worst Drivers

With B.C. Day around the corner, our roads will soon be filled with bad drivers. We’ve all seen them speeding, going too slow, cutting people off, running red lights and failing to yield to cyclists and pedestrians. Is it because they are just bad drivers or is because they’re distracted by talking, texting, eating, or putting make-up on?

According to a new poll reported by The Vancouver Sun, B.C. drivers are the worst in Canada. A surprising 95 per cent of those surveyed say they’ve seen someone driving while talking on their cell phone, the most common offense. Out of ten categories, B.C. drivers are more likely to talk or text, speed, tailgate, cut other drivers off, turn where not allowed, and enter pedestrian-occupied crosswalks.

Alberta takes first place for multi-tasking, running red lights, and littering. On a positive note, B.C. drivers are more polite to bad drivers when compared to Alberta. B.C. drivers honk less, curse less, and make less obscene gestures at offending drivers.

B.C. residents surveyed only consider 19 per cent of drivers to be bad drivers. We continue to think that we can talk on our phone while driving even though it’s illegal under section 214.2 of the Motor Vehicle Act. Distracted driving can have serious consequences for other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. So ditch the distractions and pay attention to your driving.

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