Just in time for the holidays, W.A.T.C.H., World Against Toys Causing Harm, has released their picks of worst toys for 2012. Among the biggest concerns for unsafe toys are choking hazards, magnets, and toxic toys. From 1990 – 2010, the U.S. Public Research Interest Group reported over 400 children dying from toy injuries, and over half of those resulted from choking. When buying toys for your children, always follow a safety checklist:

  • Make sure the toys are safe for all the children in the house – a seven-year-old’s toy could have dangerous parts for a two-year-old sibling.
  • Be aware of toys with magnetic parts and strangulation hazards, including toys with cords and strings.
  • Test the volume of a toy to make sure it isn’t too loud – children have sensitive ears and loud toys can permanently damage hearing.
  • Stay away from painted toys as they can be potentially toxic to children.

If you’re buying toys online this year, be extra cautious when those toys are delivered. Safety warnings and recommended age of use can differ from the manufacturers and suppliers, so be sure to thoroughly inspect all toys for small parts and potential unlisted hazards.

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