Cycling Technology to Keep You Safe

During this time of year, staying visible as a cyclist is crucial. These new products focus on connecting drivers and cyclists to keep everyone safe on the road.

Signalling at the tip of your fingers: Zackees has developed turn-signalling gloves to clarify cyclist intentions for drivers. Activated by touching your thumb to your index finger, the gloves display an LED arrow indicating which way you’re turning on your bike.

Light and bright: The Visijax Commuter Jacket is a rainproof, lightweight, high-tech jacket made for cyclists. By raising your right or left arm, LED lights notify drivers of which way you’re going. Lights are also embedded at the front and back of the jacket. Riding during the day? The jacket can be turned on and off and stays charged for up to 30 hours.

Get ahead of yourself: Being in the blind spot of a vehicle can be a very dangerous situation for a cyclist. According to Blaze Bike Light, 79% of cycling incidents happen when drivers maneuver into the rider’s path. The solution? A front bike light that projects a laser image of a bicycle 5m ahead to warn drivers of cyclists in their blind spots.

Connecting cyclists and drivers:  A new helmet not only protects cyclists against impact, it can also stop a cyclist-motorist collision. Volvo has developed a prototype helmet that acts as a two-way communication system for drivers and cyclists. The helmet will alert Volvo drivers through their GPS if they are too close to a cyclist. The helmet also notifies the cyclist if they are in a vehicle’s blind spot and should take action to avoid a collision.

What type of cycling safety technology would you like to see developed in 2015?

For More Information:

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