Mobi Takes off in Vancouver

Need a bike? There’s probably one near you that’s ready to ride. Vancouver’s new bike-sharing program, Mobi, took to the streets in July and so far it seems to be well received.

Stats for the first month are looking good – each bike is averaging three riders per day. That’s outpacing Seattle’s six-month-old program, where each bike only gets about one rider per day. The program launched with about 250 bikes, with more added throughout the summer. By the start of fall, organizers expect to have 1500 available at 150 stations throughout the city, and even more coming in 2017.

Bike-sharing programs have been common in parts of Europe for decades. They are now spreading to Eastern Canada, the United States, and Asia. Vancouver is a little late to the party, but locals are readily accepting the invitation.

Nearly 4000 people signed up at the program’s launch, with more signing up each day. For $7.50, riders can purchase a day pass giving them access to 30 minutes of cycle time. Monthly passes are also available for $10 and $20.

The bikes do come with a free helmet for the ride. The helmets are cleaned every day but you can also bring along sanitary wipes, a hair net, or use your own helmet. Just remember though, wearing a helmet is the law and can reduce your risk of a serious head injury.

To learn more about the program, where to find a Mobi bike, and how it works, visit

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