Top 5 Cycling Safety Blog Posts Since 2010

The most popular cycling blog posts from the past five years focus on helmet safety, concussion prevention and cycling innovation.

  1. Helmets Protect, Just Not Against Concussions Sidney Crosby and Junior Seau both received concussions while wearing helmets. Helmets were designed to protect wearers from linear injuries such as when a person hits the ground or ice. Now, sports players are suffering concussions from another player’s shoulder, elbow or hands, which results in an angular, not linear, head injury.
  2. The Rise of the Foldable Bike Helmet Between 2007 and 2012, 68 percent of riders fatally injured in bike accidents were not wearing a helmet. Folding a helmet, like folding a bike or collapsing an umbrella, makes it easier to carry. The PLIXI helmet, developed by Paris-based engineer Philippe Arrouar, is a great example of a foldable bike helmet.
  1. Bike Helmets Don’t Prevent Concussions Today’s helmets are not designed to protect against the rotational acceleration that can cause a concussion. US safety standards haven’t changed for over 14 years because of government cost-benefit requirements. Companies from across the globe are taking on the helmet safety challenge to create a helmet that protects against concussion – read more about them here.
  2. The MIPS Helmet Protects Against Concussions MIPS AB, a Stockholm-based company, designed a helmet that protects against concussions. The Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) helmet is designed to protect against the rotational acceleration that can injure the brain. Designers behind the MIPS helmet were inspired by the body’s own brain protection system. Learn more about the MIPS helmet here.
  3. Cyclist Versus Motorists Imagine you are riding your bike down the road passing parked cars on your right. A car door suddenly opens in front of you. There is no time to take evasive action. You hit the door and go flying off your bike. You suffer neck and back injuries. Who is at fault? Click here to find out.

 For more information

  • The bike helmet that FOLDS UP: £60 headwear collapses to fit inside a handbag, The Daily Mail
  • MIPS Brain Protection System, MIPS AB
  • Helmets inspired by brain fluid to offer better impact protection, Gizmag

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