The Importance of a Properly Fitted Bike

With the drier, warmer weather and Vancouver’s growing bicycle network, commuting by bike is more appealing than ever.

With this in mind, the Vancouver Sun recently commented on the importance of having a properly fitting bike. As one physiotherapist reports, ill-fitting bikes often lead to soreness and injury.

All parts of a bike must fit the rider:

  • Handlebars must be in the correct position to avoid neck pain, wrist pain, and hand numbness.
  • Saddles should either be level or facing slightly down in the front to reduce seat pressure. They should also allow for enough space between the pedals so that you are not adding pressure to your knees or lower back.
  • Appropriate frame size can be determined by multiplying your inseam measurements by .66 to find the size right for you.

An indication of an improper fit is when your hips are rocking side-to-side while cycling. This causes you to exert too much energy which can increase your chances of injury.

Another word to the wise: those new to cycling should be careful when participating in major competitions and fundraising events. A little training will go a long way in preventing any serious wear and tear to your body.

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