The HEADWays Concussion App

Slater Vecchio recently partnered with VGH and the UBC Hospital Foundation to fund the development of a mobile app for concussion care.

The HEADWays Concussion Recovery app is a self-management tool for individuals who have suffered a concussion.

It’s the only self-management app written and created by doctors who specialize in concussion care. The development was spearheaded by Dr. Dan DeForge, Dr. David Koo, and Ms. Alice Rose from the acquired brain injury program at GF Strong Rehab Centre and the UBC Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

HEADWays helps individuals:

  • identify situations that require immediate medical attention
  • learn to sort concussion myth from fact
  • learn the “five rules” of good health that are essential to successful post-concussion recovery
  • identify strategies to manage symptoms, including headaches, light and noise sensitivity, and cognitive or mood changes
  • plan a gradual return to recreational, physical, vocational and educational activities
  • find support from reliable online resources

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