Skiing & Snowboarding Injuries Top the Charts for Winter Sports

CTV reports that skiing and snowboarding top the list of winter sports causing injury. Every winter, more than 5,600 Canadians get seriously injured while on the slopes significant, considering only 1,100 serious hockey injuries were reported in 2010-2011.

Head injuries receive the most attention. Last year, 415 Canadians were hospitalized for head injuries related to winter sports. Nearly one-third of these occurred while skiing or snowboarding.

According to the CTV report, researchers have found that children under 10 were hospitalized most often for skiing and snowboarding injuries, followed by tobogganing.Parents should ensure that their kids are properly trained and wearing the proper safety equipment before hitting the slopes.

When it comes to tobogganing, new research suggests that hockey helmets should be used as protection against head injuries. A neurosurgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario compared helmets designed for hockey, downhill skiing, and bicycling. The hockey helmet was found to offer the best protection for typical tobogganing speeds. Face protection is crucial as most of the injuries result from falling forward. A face shield can help prevent broken teeth, fractured noses, and eye globe injuries that are common to tobogganing.

This research comes at a difficult time for Canadians as people nationwide are grieving the loss of freestyle skier Sarah Burke. A leader in her sport, Burke will be remembered for the legacy she left for women in freestyle skiing. Our sincere condolences to Burke’s family, and the many she inspired in the ski community.

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