Zero1 Helmet Reduces Concussions

A great-fitting football helmet is crucial to safety on the field according to VICIS, a Seattle-based company. The company’s neurosurgeons and engineers designed a football helmet that lessens linear and rotational forces.

Dubbed the Zero1, the new helmet utilizes four layers which work together to mitigate brain impact.

  • The Lode Shell Layer absorbs impact by deforming, like a car bumper
  • The Core Layer employs a columnar structure that moves to reduce linear and rotational forces
  • The Arch Layer is designed to fit a football player’s head, utilizing the relationship between head length and width
  • The Form layer works with the Arch Layer to conform to a player’s head topography distributing pressure on the head

“We don’t have the typical helmet, with the hard shell and some padding on the inside,” says Vicis CEO and founder Dave Marver in a video on the company’s website. “We can reduce acceleration, we can make a difference, and it’s because we’ve come about this in such a profoundly different way.”

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