International Winter Bike to Work Day and four Canadian cities – Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton – scored in the top ten for participation.

For some Vancouver cyclists, the winter season signals the end of outdoor cycling. Here are some tips to help keep cyclists on the road during winter.

  1. Cyclists should adjust their mindset when it comes to winter cycling.
  2. Cyclists should prepare for icy road conditions by installing studded winter tires. They are a lot more affordable today than in the past. You can also buy tire liners to reduce tire punctures.
  3. Winter cyclists should dress the same way they would for a walk in icy conditions. There’s no need to invest in expensive clothes. Cyclists should always keep their hands, feet and neck warm due to the added wind chill.
  4. Cyclists should ensure their brake pads are fully functioning. The rubber on the brake pads wears down quickly during cooler temperatures. Cyclists should also ensure their chain is working properly as it can wear down in winter conditions as well.
  5. Cyclists may not like this idea but it’s good to invest in a good pair of fenders to stay safe during the winter months. They keep spray and mud away from a cyclist’s face.
  6. All cyclists should make sure their bicycle’s front and back lights are working properly. In BC, a cyclist can be fined up to $109 for not having lights on the front and back of their bike.

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