Unsafe Soccer Net Kills Five Year Old Girl

It was a normal summer afternoon in the park for five-year-old Jaedyn, playing soccer with her family and neighbourhood friends. But then one of the children bumped into a soccer post, toppling the net onto Jaedyn. She was rushed to hospital but died of injuries to the head, The Province reports.

“These types of soccer nets are a death trap, even the cops told me so,” says Jaedyn’s father and “this type of soccer net has killed about 40 kids in the past 20 years.”

Her parents are seeking answers from the Yukon Ministry of Education, as this moveable soccer net was on a high school playing field. All moveable nets have now been removed from schoolyards across the Yukon as a safety precaution.

But what about here in B.C.? A Vancouver School Board member says that the nets managed by the Vancouver Park Board are permanent, but moveable nets are often used by local soccer leagues.

If you need to use a moveable net, Consumer Reports offers the following advice:

  • Always securely anchor or use a counter-weight on a moveable net, preferably to fences or dugouts when available,
  • Don’t let anyone climb on the net, and try to avoid bumping into it,
  • Use on flat fields,
  • Ensure all parts are replaced when needed.

It’s great for kids to play outside as the weather gets warmer, but help keep your children safe this summer. Make sure to check all playground equipment and play safely on all equipment.

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