UK Drunk Driving Ad Sends Shivers

A UK drunk-driving public service announcement (PSA) brings a different meaning to Kool & the Gang’s 1980 hit “Celebration”. The minute-long second spot hits home with impactful scenes and the ironic use of the dance track. The ad also marks the 50th anniversary of England’s first drunk-driving PSA.

The PSA begins at the scene of a car crash. The cheery tune begins to play as emergency responders sing to it karaoke-style, struggling to save the victims’ lives. The cheerful “Come on!” becomes a doctor’s emotional plea for an injured driver to pull through. The ending is hard-hitting and the bitter irony of the tune stays with the viewer.

“In fifty years, drunk driving deaths have fallen from 1,640 a year to 230,” the ad concludes “But that’s still 230 too many.”

This creative public service announcement highlights how the choices you make while celebrating can drastically change someone’s life. With holiday festivities quickly approaching, please think before you drink.

Play this video forward. #SaveALife

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