Drunk Driver Kills Two Cyclists on Sea-to-Sky Highway

The Whistler cycling community is devastated after an alleged drunk driver crashed into two cyclists along the Sea-to-Sky on Sunday, killing two members of the Whistler Cycling Club, along with the vehicle’s sole passenger.

The accident took place during a weekend ride on the Sea-to-Sky Highway about 60 kilometres northeast of Whistler when a driver collided with the cycling group as they were heading down a steep road. The driver is believed to have been drunk.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the two cyclists were prominent members of the Whistler Cycling Club with a lot of experience on the road. Frank Savage, president of the club, says the community is devastated.

Community residents told reporters that the driver has a history of drunk driving charges. He also had his license suspended after another incident and served 144 days in jail.

Changes are coming to the Motor Vehicle Act to protect BC cyclists. They include increasing fines for “dooring” (when a driver opens a door into the path of a cyclist), allowing cyclists to travel on paved shoulders and requiring drivers to keep a distance of one metre when passing cyclists.

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