UBC Law School Announces Slater Vecchio Award

We are pleased to announce the Slater Vecchio LLP Trial Advocacy Entrance Award, the first full-tuition award by a personal injury law firm.

“Slater Vecchio LLP has demonstrated a great commitment to UBC Law by establishing this wonderful new award” says Professor Emma Cunliffe, Chair of the Awards Committee at UBC Law. “This award will help to attract the best students and provide them with access to an unrivaled legal education here at UBC Law.”

The Trial Advocacy Entrance Award is an annual award given to a first year JD law student starting in fall 2012. We hope to reward academic excellence, leadership, and community service. We also hope to recognize students with experience advocating for others, an important part of our personal injury practice.

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Picture of Michael Slater, K.C.
Michael Slater, K.C.
Michael Slater K.C. is the founding partner of Slater Vecchio. The majority of his practice is confined to traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injury cases.