Teen Dies from Rugby Second Impact Syndrome

Seventeen-year-old Rowan Stringer was the tragic victim of what doctors believe is second impact syndrome (SIS).

Captain of her high school rugby club, Stringer was tackled and hit her head. She was rushed to the hospital but the doctors were unable to relieve the pressure on her brain.

Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) occurs when an athlete returns to action too soon after a concussion and suffers another hit to the head before the first has healed.

Stringer’s father said that doctors believe she had another smaller head injury in a game only days before. If Rowan had suffered from an undiagnosed head injury, the impact from the second concussion can cause fatal damage.

An autopsy will be done to find out what happened to Stringer. If she was a victim of SIS, it will serve as a warning to parents and coaches to be educated on the importance of reporting all injuries – it could save a life.

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