According to Transport Canada, 34% of fatally injured Canadian cyclists are killed by vehicles at night. A new bike lighting system designed by Revolights could give night cyclists the visibility that might save their lives.

 The Revolights Lighting System includes

  • Four rings with LEDs, two white and two red, along with a removable rechargeable battery. Two rings are mounted on either side of the front and back wheel rim.
  • An accelerometer-controlled brake light that causes the rear LEDs to rapidly flash when cyclists are slowing down.
  • A smartphone app that provides users with battery life info, a turn signal, speed/distance travelled, and real-time weather alerts.

The Revolights system is compatible with road and commuter bike wheels. According to their website, the lights only take a few minutes to install and they can handle wet and snow conditions. They come in five sizes: 47 cm, 50 cm, 54 cm and 61 cm.

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