Police Nab Distracted Drivers

Police officers are taking a bird’s eye view to catch you on your hand-held electronic devices.

The West Vancouver Police and North Vancouver RCMP disguised themselves as city workers to spot drivers using their electronic devices. They issued 42 tickets in one day.

“It’s not worth it to actually drive your vehicle and be distracted while you’re looking at a smartphone or electronic device. You need to be paying attention to the road. Driving is a very hard task to do,” said Constable Jeff Wood, West Vancouver police spokesman.

Police say that motorists are five times more likely to crash if they are using their phones. Distracted driving causes more deaths than drunk driving. Need to use your phone. Pull over. Save a life.

Distracted driving includes the use of hand-held electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPods, GPS, MP3 players, cellphones, laptops, and DVD players.

Put your hand-held devices away and focus on the road or you might be caught by the undercover eye in the sky.

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