Death and Distracted Driving

A recent tweet by the Richmond RCMP has gained a lot of attention over the past week. The tweet consists of a picture of an individual’s driving record with 12 distracted driving infractions since 2011. The driver has now received two more distracted driving tickets in just 10 days.

Distracted driving is a serious concern. It is one of the leading causes of car crash fatalities in BC. ICBC estimates that distracted driving is responsible for one-quarter of all fatal crashes in BC.

The BC Government estimates that 9,500 drivers use a handheld device while driving and 40% of those drivers text behind the wheel. The police say that distracted drivers kill over 80 people every year in B.C.

Here is how to avoid causing or becoming a fatality:

  • Allow phone calls to go to voicemail.
  • Pull over to make or receive a call, including emergency calls.
  • Assign a designated texter.
  • If you need to use a GPS, plan your route before departure and make sure your GPS is hands-free.
  • New driver? You are not allowed to use any electronic device behind the wheel even if it is hands-free.

Join the movement #LeaveYourPhoneAlone.

For More Information

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  • B.C. Government Hints at Bigger Penalties for Distracted Driving, Global News
  • Canada’s Most Distracted Driver? B.C. man hit with 26 Violations Since 2010, CTV News

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