Hyundai Recalls 11,120 Vehicles in Canada Amid Safety Concerns: Idle Stop & Go System Issue

Hyundai Motors North America has recently announced a safety recall affecting a significant number of vehicles in both Canada and the United States. A total of 63,128 cars are included in this recall, with 11,120 of them being in Canada, according to Jennifer McCarthy, a spokesperson for the company.

The reason behind this extensive recall is a safety concern associated with the transmission electric oil pump for the Idle Stop & Go System (ISG), which has been identified as potentially posing a fire risk.

The affected vehicles include model year 2023-24 Hyundai Palisade vehicles and model year 2023 Tucson, Sonata, Elantra, and Kona vehicles, all produced for sale in the U.S. and Canada.

While this recall is a matter of safety, Hyundai has assured owners that they can continue to drive the affected vehicles. However, as a precautionary measure, they are strongly advised to park these cars outside and away from structures until the necessary recall remedy has been completed.

Jennifer McCarthy further explained that owners of the recalled vehicles will receive notifications by mail, containing detailed instructions on how to proceed. They will be instructed to bring their vehicles to a Hyundai dealer for inspection and, if required, replacement of the electric oil pump controller.

Elaborating on the issue, McCarthy stated, “The transmission electric oil pump for the Idle Stop & Go System (‘ISG’) in the subject vehicles might have been assembled with printed circuit boards (‘PCB’) that were damaged during manufacturing by the oil pump controller supplier. A damaged capacitor on the pump controller PCB could impact electrical operation, leading to heat damage to the electric oil pump circuit board, connector, and wiring harness. The heat damage at the pump increases the risk of a vehicle fire in addition to a potential Controller Area Network (‘CAN’) communication disruption for multiple onboard controllers.”

Hyundai owners are urged to take prompt action upon receiving their recall notifications to address this issue swiftly.

This development comes at a time when Transport Canada’s analysis in June estimated that one in five vehicles on the road may have outstanding recalls, highlighting the importance of staying informed about safety recalls and taking appropriate measures when necessary.

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