Get the TEXT? – Distracted Driving is Deadly

Do you text and drive? Of course, you do. The phone starts buzzing and you dig for your phone trying to keep one eye on the road.

We all know texting and driving is not only dangerous but illegal. We know that it dramatically increases the risk of an accident but we fool ourselves into thinking “It’s only for a moment. It won’t happen to me”.

To address this dangerous “not me” attitude, advertisers are creating shocking but effective ad campaigns.

Auto123.com has posted some of these ad campaigns online. They address our casual attitude to distracted driving. They show how one simple, short text can be deadly.

Don’t text and drive. Pull over if you think it’s an urgent message that requires a response. If not, just ignore it. Your spouse can find their own keys. Your kids will figure out how to solve their problems. Your best friend’s vacation pics can wait.

For more information

  • New Texting and Driving Ads Suggest How Widespread the Problem Is, Auto123.com
  • Increasing Fines for Distracted Drivers, Slater Vecchio

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