Do Smart Phones Make Bad Drivers?

We’ve all been there, reaching for our cell phones while driving. Maybe we’re texting a friend that we’re running late or maybe we’re looking for directions or changing the music. An accident could never happen to us, right? But then, one does. And it’s our fault since we were driving distracted.

To remove the distraction for drivers, Ford has recently announced designs for new technology in cars that combats distracted driving. Using sensors in the steering wheel and seat belt to measure a driver’s heart rate, breathing rate, and body temperature, the car would be able to silence distractions if the driver seemed to be under too much pressure. The car would also use cameras on the car to analyze how heavy traffic is. This”do not disturb” feature would delay any incoming phone calls or text messages until the driver is in a less stressful situation and is able to deal with the alerts while safely operating the vehicle.

Mobile apps are also devising ways to try and cut down on distractions for drivers. For example, some apps silence phones when they detect that the device is moving at a certain speed. Other apps have wireless signals that when installed in a car will block signals to the device.

None of these systems are perfect yet because they can confuse passengers for drivers and there may be ways to get around the application. Always be aware of traffic laws in the state or province you’re driving in because most have now made it illegal to use your phone while driving. Be on the safe side and put the phone away while driving – one text can cost many lives.

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