Distracted Driver Banned From Driving

A BC driver who received 14 distracted driving tickets in five years is now prohibited from driving in BC.

The Richmond RCMP first encountered the driver in early March when she almost collided with a police car. The officer was surprised to find 12 previous distracted driving convictions.  The following week the same driver was issued her 14th distracted driving ticket. This week, the RCMP has suspended her license.

“Distracted driving is an inherent safety risk to everyone that uses the roadways,” says Cpl. Dennis Hwang with the Richmond RCMP. “Our message to everyone is to #LeaveYourPhoneAlone. One simple phone call, text message, or checking social media can mean a momentary lapse of attention — that loss of attention can have serious or lifelong repercussions,” he said.

This March, the Richmond RCMP issued 347 distracted driving tickets compared to 148 tickets issued in March 2015. According to the Richmond RCMP, this is a 234% increase. A distracted driving ticket costs $167 and 3 points on your driving record.

Make the smart choice. #LeaveYourPhoneAlone.

To learn more check out this CTV News video.


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