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Motorcycle Helmet Laws Save Lives
The numbers don’t lie. “Fewer Helmets, More Deaths” says the New York Times in an article on changing...
The Bulletproof Vest of Brain Protection?
Want to make your kid’s helmet safer? Add Kevlar, says Unequal Technologies. Unequal has developed a...
Safety Improvement Project Begins on Stanley Park Causeway
The Province has committed to improving safety along the Stanley Park causeway. The project was prompted...
Why a Few Drinks are a Few Too Many
Three years ago, B.C. lowered its legal blood alcohol limit to .05. For those needing a refresher: Drivers...
Bike Safety for Drivers
Brace yourself for carmageddon. Downtown Vancouver is expected to face serious traffic congestion as...
Bike Helmet Law and the Success of Van-City's Bike Share Program
Vancouver’s bike share program is expected to launch by Spring 2014. The program will include 1500...
Online Game Measures Driver Distraction
The NY Times has created an interactive game developed to measure the reaction times of distracted drivers....
Province Commits to Improving Safety on Stanley Park Causeway
At last, an update about the future of the Stanley Park Causeway. It sounds encouraging. The province...
104 Lives Saved Due to BC's Drinking and Driving Laws
BC’s strict drinking and driving law has been credited with saving 104 lives in only two years...
Pedestrians Have the Right of Way
On the road, a pedestrian always has the right of way. Once they have entered a crosswalk, even if it’s...

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