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BC Man Found Guilty of 11 Charges of Sexual Assault at Metro Vancouver Churches
A late-seventies man from Coquitlam, British Columbia, was found guilty on 11 charges of sexual assault....
Facts about Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports
Youth sports participation has been associated with a number of compelling advantages for kids, including...
Vernon Teacher Banned Due to Sex Crimes Conviction
A former Vernon, British Columbia, teacher who was convicted of long-standing sexual offences last year...
Teen Boys are Most Common Victims of Sextortion
According to a recent report by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, sextortion crimes against children...
Parents Warn of Global Sextortion Targeting Teens
Daniel Lints was a kind person who took responsibility seriously. The adolescent from rural Manitoba...
Abuse at Private Saskatchewan Christian School
In April, Saskatoon police handed over a 12-month investigation into criminal mistreatment at a local...
“Protect the Child” Proposals Popping Up Due to Lack of Online Regulation
In the age of social media, it can be hard to limit screen time. For children, this can be especially...
Review of Quebec Girls Basketball Programs Returns Unsettling Results
A government inquiry into sexual assault allegations at a high school in Montreal has uncovered a shocking...
Manitoba Providing $20,000 to Support Child Protection
Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen today announced that the Manitoba government would provide $20,000 to...
Book Aims to Ease Court Experience for Youth
As more youngsters are subjected to sexual assault and are required to testify in court about their horrific...

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