Can You Diagnose a Head Injury?

Do you know how to treat head injuries? Would you know what to do if someone slipped and hit their head in front of you? The statistics will surprise you.

People Don’t Know How to Treat Head Injuries

  1. 59% of people don’t think they could save a life in an emergency situation.
  2. 25% of people said they would stand by and watch when a life is on the line.
  3. 28% of people would attempt first aid. Sadly, most would make mistakes and make the situation worse.

Head Injury Symptoms

Severe head injury symptoms include low responsive level, loss of consciousness, leakage of blood or watery fluid from the ear or nose and unequal pupil size.

What to Do if You Witness a Head Injury

  1. Call 911
  2. Check the victim’s response level. Determine if the victim is conscious. Tell paramedics if you notice any changes in response times.
  3. If the victim is not responsive, open their airway and check their breathing. If they are breathing, place them in the recovery position. Keep checking their breathing and pulse while waiting for the ambulance.

St John Ambulance is running a free, one-hour online tutorial called The Big First Aid Lesson which will be streamed live into classrooms across the country on Friday, June 12.

The lesson will combine first aid training and 999 scenarios with real-life stories, as well as opportunities for pupils to join the conversation via Google Hangouts. The lesson is taking place in the United Kingdom and is being broadcast worldwide.

For more information:

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