Use Your Head – Wear a Helmet on the Slopes

Nova Scotia is the first province to ticket skiers and snowboarders for not wearing a helmet while on the mountain. Violators will pay a $250 fine.

Like Nova Scotia, BC was one of the first provinces to introduce bike helmet laws. Should we follow their lead and require helmets on the mountain?

There is an ongoing debate. Critics believe that resources are better spent on public awareness campaigns that teach the importance of wearing a helmet.

Supporters of the law say that wearing a ski helmet greatly reduces the risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury. They say that a helmet law might help convert the vulnerable 25% who don’t wear helmets.

A few weeks ago, Nicole Kelly wrote a post on ski and snowboard safety for the start of the snowy alpine season. She encourages people to wear a helmet and makes reference to some compelling statistics on why.

After posting the blog, one of our staff members made a comment to me about how she appreciated Nicole’s post. “If it weren’t for my ski helmet, I might not be here today,” she said. “I owe my life to my ski helmet.”

There was a time when NHL players would skate without a helmet. Just look at the old hockey footage. It seems so crazy and foolish now.

Now 15 years after our bike helmet law came into effect, it’s those who ride without a helmet that stick out from the rest.

A ski and snowboard helmet law is the logical next step.

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