Breaking the Cycle by Speaking Out

For most men, speaking out regarding past abuse/trauma can be difficult given the societal stigma. However, one man has found a sense of freedom and liberation from doing so.

Troy Evans experienced years of sexual abuse from his family members during his childhood. In his early teens, he decided to turn to drugs and alcohol to help himself cope with the abuse. As he aged, he began to feel shameful and guilty for what occurred to him. It wasn’t until the age of 38, when he reached out for help, that he began his recovery process.

He began to hear stories from others that were similar to his, which allowed him to move past the shame and guilt. The process of speaking out helped re-guide his life from a dark path.

Additionally, as he walked through familiar neighbourhoods to attend the meetings, he was overwhelmed with old memories. He decided to action and reported the instances that flooded back to the police. The investigation took a couple of years, but four of Evans’ uncles were charged with sexual assault. Evans said he was thankful that the police took his story seriously and took action.

Sexual assault cases have no statute of limitations in Canada. This means that survivors can report the instance whenever they feel ready. There is no pressure to meet a court-mandated date. This means that anyone, regardless of age, can reach justice if they feel ready.

If you or anyone you know has been the victim of sexual and/or physical abuse and is searching for legal rights and remedies, Slater Vecchio LLP is here to help. Please contact us for a free, private, confidential meeting.

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