Tanning Beds To Get Cancer Warning

“Tanning equipment can cause cancer” may soon be in B.C. salons if the federal government gets their way. The National Post reports that the government is proposing new rules that would make it necessary for salons to put up warnings about the carcinogenic risks of tanning.

B.C. joins Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Ontario in banning youth under age 18 from using tanning beds. UV light used in indoor tanning beds and lamps has been associated with a greater risk of developing skin cancer. Those who tan before 35 have a 75% greater risk of developing melanoma reports the UN International Agency for Research on Cancer. The government wants warnings in order to bring awareness to the health risks of tanning beds and protect the safety of young adults.

If you do use a tanning bed, Health Canada offers this advice to reduce risks:

  • Use equipment appropriately – always follow directions and warning labels.
  • Follow time recommendations for your skin type.
  • Don’t go over time recommendations for your skin type.
  • Wait at least 48 hours between tanning sessions.
  • Always wear protective eyewear.

Health Canada reminds us that even if “a tan looks healthy, a tan is actually a sign that UV rays have already damaged your skin.” Protect yourself and consider using a lotion or spray instead.

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