BC Drivers Install Dashboard Cameras

A “dashcam” or dashboard camera is a small camera wired into a car that begins recording as soon as the vehicle starts. With a built-in memory, the footage they record can easily be used to determine who is at fault in an accident. ICBC and the police are using dashcams to investigate accidents. But don’t think you’ll get a break on your insurance premiums by installing one. According to CTV News Vancouver, having a dashcam won’t mean a discount for ICBC customers.

But dashcam cameras can give drivers an added level of protection. They will assist ICBC in coming to the right conclusion. This will prevent an innocent motorist from being unfairly penalized.

A dashcam recorded an August crash on the Pattullo Bridge that involved 30 vehicles. Police used this footage in their investigation. While the technology can help, it’s far from perfect. It only shows one point of view and has a limited range. The dashcam is a tool, not a foolproof solution.

Nathan Ng, has been using his dashcam every time he gets behind the wheel. Although he hasn’t filmed any collisions that directly affect him, he has posted some of the worst driving behaviour on his YouTube channel.

“I put them up there for educational purposes for people to see, “ Ng said. “For everyday drivers to see we have a growing problem. Drivers are… becoming more reckless.”

His YouTube channel has racked up tens of thousands of views.

According to ICBC, “Driving is a complex task that requires our full attention. While it is not illegal to have a mounted camera in a vehicle … we don’t encourage the use of any electronic devices while driving because there is always the potential for it to be a distraction.”

If you use a dashcam in your vehicle make sure that the camera does not display any images that can be viewed by the driver otherwise it could be in violation of the Motor Vehicle Act.

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