28% of Hockey Helmets Unsafe

A Virginia Tech study concludes that at least 28% of all hockey helmets are unsafe to wear based on their ability to prevent concussions. These tests include helmets worn by both the NHL and youth leagues.

Hockey helmets were awarded one to five stars based on a grading system that took three years and $500,000 to develop. No funding was received from the helmet industry.

32 helmets were tested.

  • Nine helmets or 28% were labeled “not recommended” for use.
  • One helmet created by Warrior Sports was awarded three stars.
  • The remaining 22 helmets were awarded one to two stars.

Hockey players wearing the “not recommended” helmets risk incurring at least six concussions per season and in some cases more than eight, according to Virginia Tech.

The most expensive helmets made by Bauer and CCM received only a one-star rating.

According to CHEO, properly worn and fitted helmets are the first line of defence against concussions. Additionally, rule changes, fair play guidelines, and player education may reduce the risk of getting a concussion while playing hockey.

Do you play hockey? Are you wondering if your helmet is on the “not recommended” list? Check out the entire study, which was publicly released on Monday.

For more information:

  • Study: Many Hockey Helmets Unsafe, ESPN

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Michael Slater, K.C.
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