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Saro joined Slater Vecchio LLP in June 2009. In addition to compensation for pain and suffering, he has obtained compensation for past and future loss of income, health care expenses and more.

Neurologist Tackles NFL Brain Injuries
NFL Football Brain Injury Conidi
There’s no denying that the NFL has a serious issue with concussions. After years of trying to sweep it under the rug, they’ve since come around to establishing procedures for dealing with concussed players. But what about the NHL? Is the group that governs the professional league of Canada’s most loved sport playing in the…
Winter Pedestrian Safety Tips
pedestrian safety
On average, one person is struck by a vehicle every day in Vancouver. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable users of the road. Shorter days and winter weather conditions increase pedestrian danger. Keep these safety tips in mind when walking 1. Pay attention to your surroundings and be ready for unexpected events. Don’t allow your vision…
Owners Liable if Dog Escapes
Rocky is an 89 pound Doberman. One day, he escapes his owners’ enclosed yard and bolts towards a 61 year-old cyclist, knocking him from his bike. The cyclist suffers injuries including broken ribs and a fractured clavicle. Due to his injuries, the cyclist is unable to work for several months. Prior to the incident, Rocky…
Judge Says Drivers Must be ‘Particularly Aware and Accommodating’ of Police on the Road
RCMP Constable Mark Maddex is driving southbound on a four lane highway near Parksville, B.C. He is using radar to monitor the speed of oncoming traffic. There are no vehicles travelling close behind (at least 10 to 15 car lengths). He is travelling 80 km/h in the right passing lane of the highway. Maddex’s radar…
What Does Your Liability Waiver Actually Cover?
Signing a waiver of liability before participating in a recreational activity means you give up your right to sue if you are injured. Simple, right? Not exactly. Last year, I commented on B.C. Supreme Court Case Niedermeyer v. Charlton. In the case, Ms. Niedermeyer signs up for a zip-lining adventure with ZipTrek Ecotours in Whistler,…
Will the B.C. Government Respond to ‘Disturbing’ Court Ruling Against Injured Designated Driver?
A recent BC Supreme Court ruling will make you think twice before getting behind the wheel as designated driver. In the case, a woman is driving her intoxicated boyfriend home from a soccer tournament. The boyfriend grabs the steering wheel in an argument. The car changes course, crashes, and flips. The boyfriend is killed at…
The MIPS Helmet Protects Against Concussions
Concussions occur when the brain rotates within the skull after an impact. The movement causes axons in the brain to tear or stretch, leading to symptoms associated with brain injury. Helmets that meet today’s standards do not protect against the “rotational acceleration” of the brain that can cause a concussion. It’s time for something better.…