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John joined Slater Vecchio in December 2012. He brings twelve years of trial experience with him and has represented clients before the Supreme Court of British Columbia and the British Columbia Court of Appeal.

Winter Tires for Vancouver Streets
September 27, 2017
Do You Need Winter Tires for Vancouver Streets?
Vancouver’s mild climate means most people don’t install winter tires on their cars. Given the problems of last winter, City Hall thinks it might be time to change that. Council is considering a proposal to fine drivers who do not use winter tires in the colder months. While the city’s political leaders mull over this…
Motorcycle safety month
May 3, 2017
Kicking Motorcycle Safety into Gear
Spring is here and for motorcycle fans, it’s time to head out on the highway and look for adventure. But no biker wants a collision to ruin the fun. That’s why May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. As bikers get set to kick start the season, it’s a good time for all of us to…
time change drowsy drivers
March 7, 2017
Don’t Crash over Time Change
Daylight saving time is coming. That means a little more sunshine at the end of the day but a little less sleep for some. And when you put a bunch of tired drivers behind the wheel of a car, you have a dangerous recipe for accidents and crashes. When that clock springs forward, we gain…
earthquake preparedness vancouver
October 19, 2016
Shake and Quake
If a massive earthquake hit right this minute, what would you do? Panic? Cry? Pray? Those might be your first instincts, but there are three simple things you can do to immediately reduce the risk of getting hurt during a temblor. That’s part of what the Great British Columbia ShakeOut is all about. On Thursday,…
Emergency Preparedness Week
May 5, 2016
Getting Emergency Prepared
Are you ready for the Big One? Or what about a small or medium sized one? Chances are, you’re not at all ready for a disaster of any kind. Getting you there is what Emergency Preparedness Week – happening May 1 to 7 across Canada – is all about. Whether it’s an earthquake, a flood,…
March 14, 2016
NFL Players Unaware of Concussion Risks
Will young football players dream of playing for the NFL after they learn about the deadly concussion risks? Alternatively, will parents let their children play football after they learn 87 out of 91 former NFL players tested positive for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)? NFL players were unaware of concussion dangers until approximately five years ago…
youth concussion
December 12, 2015
Brain Damage and Youth Sports
Are we endangering our children's brain health by allowing them to play high-impact contact sports? Researchers are finding that repetitive blows to the head in high-impact contact sports place athletes at risk of permanent brain damage. While football players are prone to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), caused by repetitive blows to the head. Mayo Clinic…
rugby concussion
October 22, 2015
World Rugby Concussion Campaign
World Rugby is helping raise concussion awareness among Rugby players, coaches and officials at all levels of the game – from the professional level down to school children. The World Rugby Concussion Management website offers a wide range of head injury and concussion educational resources including interactive modules. Viewers can also test their concussion knowledge…
August 18, 2014
Concussion Awareness Training Toolkit Targets Parents, Coaches
Last summer, we came across CATT, an online Concussion Awareness Training Toolkit to help health professionals better recognize and treat concussions. The website is funded by the BC Ministry of Health and spearheaded by Dr. Shelina Babul, associate director of the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit at BC Children’s Hospital. And now a year…
December 19, 2013
Brain Injury in Baseball
Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy isn't just a football disease. Or a hockey disease. It's now making headlines in baseball after researchers found signs of CTE in former major leaguer Ryan Freel. Freel suffered 10 concussions during his eight years in the major leagues. He experienced classic CTE symptoms like depression, lack of impulse control, and substance…