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TBI Linked to Mental Health Problems in Teens

TBINew research has found that teenagers who suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) have a significantly higher risk of attempting suicide, being bullied, and seeking help for mental health issues. They are also more likely to become bullies, take medication for anxiety and/or depression, or engage in antisocial behaviour.

Neuropsychologist and lead researcher Gabriela Ilie believes the results should serve as a “wake-up call” for parents, educators, and medical professionals. Caregivers must be vigilant to screen and monitor brain injured kids over the long-term. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Deadly Ignition Switch Leads to Massive GM Recall

GM key - CopyImagine you’re driving the speed limit on a busy highway when your car’s power is suddenly cut. You fight to stay in your lane as the road bends right. You are unable to apply the brakes. You cross the centre line of the highway barely avoiding a head-on collision with an oncoming car.

Now imagine the car company knew about the problem for over a decade – and could have fixed it for a mere $10.

This has happened and has led to a massive car recall by General Motors. The U.S. car giant is recalling 2.6 million vehicles with faulty ignition switches that can turn off mid-drive. When switched off, power steering and braking is limited and the airbag is disengaged. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Online Security – Protect Yourself Against Heartbleed

heartbleed-laptopSecurity experts have identified a digital bug that is sweeping across the Internet, infecting as many as 60% of websites. Some say it’s the biggest security threat the Internet has ever seen.

The Heartbleed bug affects websites that use OpenSSL software. This includes any website with “https” in the URL (the “s” being the important identifier). Heartbleed gives cybercriminals access to personal information, including passwords, credit card numbers, and email accounts. Gmail, Yahoo, and Facebook are some of the major websites infected by the bug. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Distracted Driving – A Criminal Offence?

distracted driving jail timeVancouver Sun columnist Ian Mulgrew has sparked another debate. This time over distracted driving.

Should distracted driving be a criminal offense? Should offending drivers face jail time?

“A fine and a few licence points are far too little to stop carnage on our roads,” says Mulgrew. “The solution is federal action to make such driving a serious criminal offence.”


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Inside a Traumatic Brain Injury

puzzledWhat’s it like to live with a traumatic brain injury?

It’s a question one man tries to answer in a creative six minute video. “You Look Great!” is John Byler’s personal story of a “so-called recovery from a so-called mild TBI.”

The video is creative. Many might consider it abstract.

And that’s the point, really.

Byler’s video is an insider’s perspective on TBI. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Motorcycle Helmet Laws Save Lives

motorcycle-insurance-helmet-lawsThe numbers don’t lie. “Fewer Helmets, More Deaths” says the New York Times in an article on changing motorcycle helmet use across the United States.

While fewer people are dying in car accidents, motorcycle deaths have spiked across the U.S.

Experts link the increase in motorcyclist fatalities to changes in state helmet laws. Texas and Arkansas repealed their motorcycle helmet laws in 1997, starting a deadly trend across the States. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Blood Tests the Future of Concussion Diagnosis

concussion blood test 1A simple blood test may be all it takes to diagnose a concussion, according to new research out of Sweden. The study identified total tau protein (T-tau) as the unique biomarker able to confirm concussion diagnosis and predict the severity and duration of symptoms.

T-tau is typically found only in cerebral spinal fluid. But a blow to the head may cause it to get into the blood if the blood-brain barrier is damaged.

T-tau is one of the biomarkers also found to predict the onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia in otherwise healthy individuals. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Riding Robo-Bike: High Tech Bike Safety and Security

robobikeThe New York Times recently published a post to their wellness blog reviewing new high-tech gadgets designed to boost bike safety.

In the U.S., the number of bike commuters has nearly doubled in the last few decades. Americans now make four billion bike trips a year.

It’s a similar story in Vancouver. According to the Mayor’s Office, bike trips increased 40% from 2008-2011.

The Times article links the increase in cyclists to the demand for innovative safety equipment. “Driven in part by riders’ demands for a greater sense of comfort and safety on the road, new apps and gadgets are promising to do for the bicycle what air bags and satellite navigation did for the family car. What used to be a simple, healthful mode of transport is fast becoming a tech festival on wheels.” READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Make Health Last

Stetoscopio e cuore rossoWhat will your last 10 years look like? Will you grow old with vitality? Or get old with disease?

These are questions posed by the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada in a powerful campaign advocating for heart healthy living.

“The average Canadian will spend their last 10 years in sickness,” says the Heart and Stroke Foundation. “Canadians are living longer. But not necessarily better.” READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Supporting Spinal Cord Injury BC – One Ugly Tie at a Time

Ugly Ties Change LivesSpinal Cord Injury BC helps people with spinal cord injuries get their lives back.

The organization provides important programs and services to the spinal cord injury community throughout the province. A peer program helps those affected by spinal cord injuries overcome the challenges of living in a wheelchair. SCI BC also provides information services, connecting people affected by spinal cord injuries with resources and information on important topics such as accommodation, equipment, recreation and leisure.

ugly tie fiona rachel_cropEvery year, Slater Vecchio participates in one of Spinal Cord Injury BC’s biggest fundraisers, the Ugly Tie Campaign. This past year was no exception. Staff members donated money and came to work wearing their ugliest ties. The Firm’s partners generously matched all donations made by staff. The occasion was celebrated by a cocktail party where the ugliest ties were recognized. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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