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28 % of NFL Players Suffer Brain Trauma

nfl sports concussionFootball players who lose consciousness after concussions are more likely to suffer from memory loss later in life according to a recent study conducted by retired NFL players.

“Our results do suggest that players with a history of concussion with a loss of consciousness may be at a greater risk for cognitive problems later in life,” says Munro Cullum, chief of neuropsychology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. According to a recent CBC article, “We are at the early stages of understanding who is actually at risk at the individual level.”

The study compared brain scans of 27 people who didn’t play college or pro football to 28 former NFL athletes. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Slater Vecchio Voted a Top 10 Personal Injury Law Firm

top personal injury firm canadaSlater Vecchio is voted one of the top 10 personal injury boutique law firms in Canada according to Canadian Lawyer Magazine.

Slater Vecchio Partners, Anthony Vecchio, Michael Slater, James Buckley, and James Richards are proud to have achieved some of the largest trial awards and verdicts in the province.

As Canadian Lawyer Magazine writes, “Slater Vecchio continues to grow and take on new challenges for their clients.” The firm now has a team of 100, with lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, and case managers all committed to helping clients who have suffered injuries in accidents by providing first class client service. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Concussion Safety through Education

vancouver concussion eventKeeping children and teens healthy and safe is always a top priority, especially when engaging in sports. The serious, cumulative, and long-lasting effects of concussions cannot be overstated.

Signs and symptoms of concussion can show up right after the injury or may not appear or be noticed until days or weeks after the injury. If an athlete reports one or more symptoms of concussion after a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body, they should be kept out of play the day of the injury. It’s better to miss one game than the whole season due to complications and side effects of an unchecked concussion.

The best way to keep them safe is by educating those responsible for their well-being. If you live in the Vancouver area, we encourage you to join scientists and clinicians from UBC’s Faculty of Medicine as they discuss the latest science behind sport concussions. This session is tailored for parents, athletes, coaches, and teachers. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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A Parent’s Guide: Youth Sports Concussions

child sports concussionThe impact of missed childhood sports concussions can be devastating. Parents familiar with concussion symptoms help their child play sports in the safest way possible.

“It’s critical to be aware of the prevention and treatment of concussions, which are brain injuries that occur when the head is struck or suddenly jarred,” according to a recent Chicago Tribune article.

Tips to Avoid Childhood Concussions

  1. Form strong relationships with coaches. Parents should confirm coaches and trainers are keenly aware of concussion symptoms and treatment. Coaches should also know the guidelines for children returning to sports after suffering a head injury.
  1. Children should wear protective gear relevant to their sport. Optimal safety gear is the correct size and fits well. Parents should ensure their child’s protective gear is approved by the organization that governs their sport. For example, the Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC) approves face masks and helmets.
  1. Ask coaches if they perform pre-season tests to establish baseline neurological data. The pre-season information helps determine how severe concussions are.
  1. Become familiar with concussion symptoms. These include nausea, irritability, dizziness, impaired balance, depression, sensitivity to light and noise and confusion.
  1. Take every blow to the head seriously. Parents should seek prompt medical attention if their child’s head was struck. A doctor will perform an Acute Concussion Evaluate to determine the concussion severity. Physicians and parents should discuss a brain injury recovery plan.


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NFL Settlement with Retired Players Confirms Brain Injury Severity

nfl concussion settlementThe long-term effects of NFL player head injuries are in the news again. The NFL and former players are settling a class-action lawsuit according to USA Today. A federal judge is resolving thousands of NFL player concussion lawsuits based on a plan that will cost the NFL up to $1 billion over 65 years. The suit alleges the NFL didn’t do enough to warn players about the risks of brain damage.

The agreement provides up to $5 million per retired, inured player. These players suffer from developmental memory and cognitive issues such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

Retired players suffering with Alzheimer’s disease or moderate dementia will receive $190,000 on average. The awards could reach $1 million to $5 million for players with

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Lou Gehrig’s disease
  • Brain trauma injuries leading to death

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a degenerative disease of the brain and is associated with repeated head traumas like concussions. Players suffering with CTE have symptoms such as depression, aggression and disorientation. A Kansas City Chiefs NFL player suffered from CTE shot and killed his girlfriend and committed suicide. More than 50 former NFL players, including Junior Seau and Dave Duerson who both committed suicide and donated their brains for scientific research.

Blows to the head and violent shakes to the head or body can cause traumatic brain injuries.

Most NFL concussion victims don’t receive medical attention because they don’t lose consciousness. Brain injuries are missed when Injured players and NFL medical staff ignore subtle symptoms. Every concussion injures your brain to some extent, and requires proper medical attention.

Current NFL players are not included in the agreement. Some family members can also file a claim after the ruling becomes final this fall. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Can You Diagnose a Head Injury?

can you diagnosis a head injuryDo you know how to treat head injuries? Would you know what to do if someone slipped and hit their head in front of you? The statistics will surprise you.

People Don’t Know How to Treat Head Injuries

  1. 59% of people don’t think they could save a life in an emergency situation.
  2. 25% of people said they would stand by and watch when a life is on the line.
  3. 28% of people would attempt first aid. Sadly, most would make mistakes and make the situation worse.

Head Injury Symptoms

Severe head injury symptoms include low responsive level, loss of consciousness, leakage of blood or watery fluid from the ear or nose and unequal pupil size. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Helmets Prevent Toddler Head Injuries

child hemet safetySpring has sprung in Vancouver. Parents are pulling scooters, skateboards, bikes and other outdoor equipment out of the garage.

As the weather warms, children spend more time outside participating in the physical activities they love. Almost all toddlers will bump their heads while playing in the sun. Most of these injuries are minor.

Toddlers hurt themselves more than adults
because they can’t control their heads as well according to HealthLink BC. Additionally, a toddler’s head is larger in relation to the rest of their bodies.

  1. Toddlers should wear helmets during all outdoor physical activity. Whether they are pushing a scooter or riding a bicycle, children need to keep their helmets on at all times. Outdoor activities include skateboarding, tricycle riding and scooter riding.


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Pro Cyclists Tested for Concussions Mid-Race

cyclists concussion tests while racingThe UnitedHealthcare Cycling Team (UHC) is testing athletes for concussions mid-race to prevent severe brain injury.

According to Cycling Weekly, cyclists weren’t monitored for head injuries while racing. Instead, most doctors looked for strained muscles, broken bones and pulled tendons after the race.

The UHC healthcare team created a set of quick tests to avoid cyclisthead injuries. “In professional cycling, if you can’t make a decision in under five minutes, your day is over,” UHC team doctor Michael Roshon told Outside Online.

Prior to the race season, doctors establish baseline health data by recording balance and READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Too Distracted to Drive? Ask Your Car

cars will help distracted driversWhat if your next car knew when you were too distracted to drive?

According to ROT, a new technology dubbed Workload Management is teaching cars how to limit driver distraction.

If you purchase a car with Workload Management technology, the following tests start as soon as you buckle up.

  • Heart rate and respiration tests via steering wheel sensors.
  • Driver activity tests conducted by comparing current inputs to a baseline.
  • Driving conditions tests based on incoming road, traffic, weather and time-of-day data.


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External Airbags Hug Pedestrians

Could external airbags on self-driven (1)Google recently acquired a US patent that suggests their new self-driving cars will have external airbags to protect passengers. The airbags would deploy when car sensors detected an immediate vehicle-pedestrian collision.

Unlike traditional airbags that push people away, Google’s airbags would cushion pedestrians with a memory-foam like substance. Traditional airbags send pedestrians flying causing injury or death. Google’s airbags are made with a “visco-elastic” material that would “hug” pedestrians instead of pushing them into the street.

Self-driving cars have driven 100,000 miles with two accidents. Both times, the self-driven cars were rear-ended while stopped at traffic lights. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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