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Headbanging Causes Brain Injury

rockerfinalA heavy metal fan was treated for a blood clot in his brain caused by excessive headbanging while at a Motörhead concert, the Globe and Mail reports.

A worsening headache forced the German rocker to meet with medical specialists. CT scans confirmed the blood clot. Surgeons successfully drilled a hole in the man’s skull to drain the blood and relieve the patient’s headache.

The man had no history of head injuries, but did have a benign cyst making him more susceptible to brain trauma.

A case report reviewing the incident was published in a British medical journal last week by researchers from the Department of Neurosurgery at Hannover Medical School. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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New Guidelines for Youth Concussion

Sad boy with soccer ballThe Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation released important new guidelines to help caregivers, health care workers, and sports officials diagnose and manage concussions in youth.

Dr. Roger Zemek of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario led a team of 30 medical experts to put the guidelines together. He says they are the first comprehensive pediatric guidelines available. The report took two years to create, with researchers following 2,000 patients and reviewing more than 4,000 academic papers.

“We’ve developed a reliable resource that is valuable for everyone affected by pediatric concussion — from children and their families to health care providers and to schools and recreational organizations,” said Zemek. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Speed Limits to Increase Across B.C.

120 speed-limitThe province announced that speed limits on multi-lane highways will increase to as high as 120 km/h. B.C. Transportation Minister Todd Stone made the announcement following results from the Rural Highway Safety and Speed review.

This decision will affect over 30 highways including the Sea-to-Sky, Coquihalla, Island Highway, and Connector.

Stone also announced that new technology will allow for variable speed limits. Variable speed limits will be determined by sensors and radar technology that monitor road conditions. The technology will be tested on stretches of the Trans-Canada and the Sea-to-Sky highways.

Global News has provided a full list of speed limit increases through the province. There are no speed limit increases planned for Metro Vancouver. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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ICBC’s 10 Worst Intersections for Crashes

Toy car crashICBC has released a list of 2013’s top 10 crash intersections in the Lower Mainland, reports the Vancouver Sun. The findings are worth repeating.

Burnaby’s Willingdon Avenue on- and off-ramps had the highest crash count at 350 accidents in the year. Six out of the ten most dangerous sites included the Trans-Canada Highway, highlighting the need to take extra care while merging onto Highway 1.

The only crash site in the city of Vancouver to make the list is the intersection at Knight Street and SE Marine Drive. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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FIFA Urged to Address Concussion Protocols

Concussion protocols in soccer It was a scary turn of events for those watching the Uruguay-England World Cup match last week.

Uruguay’s Alvaro Pereira took a knee to the head leaving him unconscious on the pitch. Pereira’s teammates signaled for trainers to hurry on to the field. He lay motionless for a few minutes.

With the help of trainers, Pereira stumbled to the sideline. The team doctor signaled to the referee to make a substitution. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Study Links Severe Concussion Symptoms to Post-Concussion Syndrome

concussion symptomsSevere concussion symptoms have been linked to a long-term recovery problem called post-concussion syndrome, according to a new study.

Post-concussion syndrome is a complex disorder causing prolonged symptoms including dizziness and headaches.

Researchers followed 179 children and teens diagnosed with a concussion during an initial ER visit. They found that the patients with severe concussion symptoms immediately after injury were three times more likely to suffer from post-concussive syndrome one month later. That’s twenty-two out of the original 179 youth participants. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Chicago Bears QB Suffering from Depression, Dementia

brain football image copyAnother sad outcome for an NFL great.

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon revealed to the media this week that he has been struggling with dementia and depression. He believes his issues were caused by the beating endured while playing football.

McMahon said he would stay in his room and lie in the dark because the pain in his head was so bad. Other times he would get in his car and forget the way home. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Judge Says Drivers Must be ‘Particularly Aware and Accommodating’ of Police on the Road

RCMP warningRCMP Constable Mark Maddex is driving southbound on a four lane highway near Parksville, B.C. He is using radar to monitor the speed of oncoming traffic. There are no vehicles travelling close behind (at least 10 to 15 car lengths). He is travelling 80 km/h in the right passing lane of the highway.

Maddex’s radar picks up an oncoming truck speeding at 126 km/h. He decides to pursue the driver. Maddex turns on his emergency lights and gradually slows to make a U-turn to apprehend the driver of the speeding truck. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Distracted Driving Ad Shocks Moviegoers

Distracted DrivingImagine you’re heading to the movies to watch a show. You take your seat. A few moments later the screen lights up and you’re watching footage of a car travelling a winding country road. Given the perspective, the audience assumes the position of driver.

A short time later, you and all moviegoers receive a text. You reach to get your phone from your pocket.

While your head is down looking at your phone, the car on the screen loses control, travels off the road, and crashes violently into a tree.

The audience jumps with shock. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Is CrossFit Safe?

CrossFitAccording to its creators, CrossFit is a “strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.”

And yet it’s now a mainstream regimen that has taken the fitness world by storm. Anyone willing to endure the extreme high intensity workouts can sign up. The results? Strength and lean physiques for some. But only at the cost of extreme pain and fatigue for even the most athletic participant.

Over the past decade, CrossFit has attracted both loyal followers and harsh critics. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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