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BC Drivers Install Dashboard Cameras

dashboard camera bc driversCar accidents are an everyday occurrence, and many BC motorists have installed dashboard cameras to protect themselves from false insurance claims.

A “dashcam” or dashboard camera is a small camera wired into a car that begins recording as soon as the vehicle starts. With a built-in memory, the footage they record can easily be used to determine who is at fault in an accident. ICBC and the police are using dashcams to investigate accidents. But don’t think you’ll get a break on your insurance premiums by installing one. According to CTV News Vancouver, having a dashcam won’t mean a discount for ICBC customers. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Slater Vecchio Trial Advocacy Award

Slater Vecchio Trial Advocacy AwardSlater Vecchio and UBC Law are pleased to announce that Joseph Doyle is the 2015 recipient of the Slater Vecchio LLP Trial Advocacy Entrance Award. This award was presented on the recommendation of the UBC Faculty of Law. It recognizes academic excellence, leadership, and community service.

Joseph is a BA graduate (Hons) from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver with a major in History. He has a strong interest in politics and advocacy and has worked in municipal elections in Vancouver, as well as for the BC and Federal New Democratic Parties.

Joseph has been a member of the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) Council at UBC, deliberating and voting on issues relevant to the Faculty of Arts, and served on the Internal Committee’s review of the AUS Constitution. Joseph was a READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Cycling to Work

cycling to workMore cyclists are taking to the streets of Vancouver. According to ICBC, 99,000 cyclists got out and about citywide in 2014, up from 83,000 in 2013.

Unfortunately, BC roadways are intimidating places for cycling enthusiasts, and one of the major hindrances is the lack of safe and direct roadways.

A safe bike route may not be readily apparent, but with a little road sleuthing, you may find your commute can easily be biked.

Pay Attention to the Roads as You Drive to Work

Major highways are a no-go for bikes, but many main county or city roads are perfectly safe and legal for cyclists. Look for decent road shoulders. Roads without shoulders can be deadly for cyclists during rush hour, as impatient drivers will try to unsafely pass bicycles. Some roads have started incorporating bike lanes or parallel bike paths. Check out, a new map to help Vancouver cyclists plan a safe route. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Concussions Affect Teen Performance

concussion child injuryA new study proves teenagers recovering from concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries may have difficulty with schoolwork until the brain fully recovers. Concussion can cause a wide range of difficulties in thinking and reasoning, including problems with memory, difficulties with language, and emotional imbalances.

239 students were medically evaluated one month after experiencing a concussion.

Of the students taking part in the study, those who had not yet recovered from their concussion reported experiencing a wide range of difficulties at school, including headaches, fatigue, and trouble concentrating. Almost ninety percent reported that their concussion symptoms were interfering with their life at school. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Back to School Safety Tips for Motorists

back to school safetyOur children are walking and cycling to school, and for some it is the first time. Vancouver Police are reminding motorists to slow down and pay attention in school zones. According to The Province, police and speed watch volunteers are strictly enforcing the 30-km/h speed limit in school zones between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

According to ICBC, 30 children aged five to eighteen are killed and 5,100 injured in 14,700 crashes every year in BC.

Here are some back to school traffic safety tips for motorists

  • Don’t be a distracted driver. Put away your smartphone and put down your coffee. Remember, distracted driving is deadlier than drunk driving.
  • Always pay attention, slow down in school zones and yield to pedestrians.
  • Watch for kids crossing in between parked cars and getting off school buses.
  • Plan ahead by designating a safe and easily accessible drop-off and pick-up spot. Remember, routes with less traffic in the summer may now face heavy traffic, so leave a few minutes earlier.
  • Respect no parking or no stopping zones, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  • When dropping off children at school make sure they get out on the sidewalk side of the car.


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Will Smith’s New Movie “Concussion” Horrifies NFL

will smith concussion movieThis Christmas, SONY pictures will release a film titled Concussion, a drama capturing the struggles Dr. Bennett Omalu endured after discovering a pattern of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) in autopsies of former professional football players.

CTE is a progressive, degenerative brain disease that results in a wide range of devastating symptoms including depression, Parkinsonism, dementia, and suicidal thoughts or actions. Dr. Omalu brought this information to the National Football League in 2003 but, they simply refused to listen.

The NFL has done their best since to refute the science and prevent this information from getting to the general public, future players and concerned parents. The NFL and former players are currently settling a class-action concussion lawsuit. A federal judge is resolving thousands of NFL player concussion lawsuits based on a plan that will cost the NFL up to $1 billion over 65 years. The suit alleges the NFL didn’t do enough to warn players about the risks of brain damage. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Your Vehicle is a Write off- Now What?

car write offHave you ever been in a car accident and ICBC tells you that your vehicle is a write-off? This means that the repair costs are more than the fair market value of the vehicle.

In these circumstances, ICBC will pay you what they determine is the fair market value of your vehicle.

While write-offs are common, many drivers are not aware of their rights during the settlement process. Frequently, people feel that the replacement value ICBC offers is too low relative to their perception of what the fair market value really is.

What if You Disagree With ICBC`s Settlement Offer?

If you disagree with ICBC`s valuation of your vehicle we suggest the following: READ FULL ARTICLE +

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All Youth Sports Pose Concussion Risks

All Youth Sports Pose Concussion RisksThe New York Times highlights how children who participate in all youth sports can be affected by concussions.

Recent news regarding long-term brain damage affecting NFL players has prompted parents to analyze how their children can be affected by similar consequences.

The young brain is especially affected by concussions, and sports-related concussions account for more than 50% of all emergency room visits by children aged 8 through 13. According to the article, a child who suffers a concussion is one and a half times more likely to experience another, and those who have had two concussions have a threefold greater risk of the same injury happening again.

Most parents are concerned about enrolling their children in football and soccer where head injuries are common. In fact, concussion fear has lead to a decline in youth football according to Pop Warner, the US’s largest youth football program.

But first, it is worth noting that almost no sport is free of a concussion hazard, and that participating in sports has “cognitive, physical, emotional and social benefits that outweigh everything,” said Steven P. Broglio, the director of the Neurotrauma Research Lab at the University of Michigan and the lead author of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association position statement on how best to deal with concussions among young athletes. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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Cold Water Kills

Cold water causes an involuntary gasp (or (4)There is nothing like a nice swim in BC’s beautiful clear lakes, rivers and seashores to cool off from the summer heat. But there can be a danger lurking in even the most pristine waters.

According to The Province, just this past week, the deep, frigid waters of Harrison Lake claimed a young life for the third time this summer.

On August 7 a young woman died in what B.C. Coroners Service spokeswoman Barb McLintock described as a “swimming incident.”

On June 8, Daniel Dale Reid, 23, and Gary Duong, 25, died after an afternoon of rafting.

How Cold Water Kills Quickly

People tend to think that if they fall into cold water, they have time before hypothermia starts. But sudden and unexpected immersion in cold water below 15°C can result in death in as little as three minutes.

The killing factor is often the first shock of cold water on the body. In fact, cold shock and swimming failure cause more drowning fatalities in B.C. than hypothermia. READ FULL ARTICLE +

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What To Do When You Hit a Parked Car

what to do if you hit a parked carWhen we hear the term “hit and run” we automatically think of a serious collision. But what about when you hit a parked car?

A common example is when you accidentally hit a parked car as you back out of your parking spot. You get out and inspect the damage. Nothing major, just a few scratches and a dent. No witnesses. What should you do?

Many are tempted to leave the scene hoping no one saw the incident. Your ‘fight or flight’ instincts may kick in. You may fear the financial and insurance implications of the accident and feel a strong desire to flee the accident scene.

Here is what you need to know if you hit a parked car

“If you hit something or someone with your vehicle, it’s a collision, period,” says Traffic Services Const. Clint Stibbe in a Globe and Mail interview. “It is best to leave your information — if you don’t, you could be charged.” READ FULL ARTICLE +

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