April 9, 2015

LifePaint: Invisible By Day, Luminous By Night

Ever year in the UK, over 19,000 UK cyclists are injured in roadside accidents. Due to these alarming statistics, Volvo created LifePaint, an invisible spray that protects bikers during the dark evenings.

LifePaint is invisible by day and luminous by night. Volvo is confident that their new product will drastically reduce roadside cyclist deaths and injuries.

According to WIRED, the spray acts similarly to reflective panels and safety tape sewn into biking and jogging jackets.

During the evening, light rebounds off the paint and make anything sprayed buy it look like a “glowing glob.” Drivers will see glowing globs much easier than their non-glowing counterparts.

From helmets and bicycles to shoes and textiles, LifePaint can be sprayed on almost everything.

LifePaint is only available to UK residents. There is a similar product on the market called Albedo 100 Invisible Bright. Their website states they will ship to Canada.

According to, around 7,500 Canadian cyclists are injured every year. The most common place for a cyclist to be killed or injured is in Canada at an intersection or at a location where there are no traffic signals. These statistics confirm BC cyclists would benefit from a luminous spray on paint.

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