Would You Drive Blindfolded?

Do you text and drive? Then you might as well drive blindfolded according to The Province. Driving while drunk may be illegal, but it is safer than texting and driving. At least the drunk tries to keep their eyes on the road.

Nearly every province has laws against driving with a hand-held device, but just look around and you will see a texting driver.

A North Carolina woman posted a selfie while driving and singing the song “Happy”. Unfortunately, she was killed when she crossed into the oncoming lane and crashed into another car. In Dubai, a man taking a selfie while overrevving his Lamborghini nearly died when the Lamborghini went up in flames.

The only thing taking a selfie while driving will do is to show the police what caused the crash.

For more information

  • Lamborghini Catches Fire After Driver Revs it Too Hard for a Selfie Video, Yahoo News
  • Distracted Driving and Russian Roulette, Slater Vecchio LLP

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