Want to Save on Gas? Check Your Tire Pressure

Did you know that Canadian drivers will waste 500 million litres of fuel this year due to under-inflated tires? That’s enough gas to power 275,000 vehicles. It’s costly to both our wallets and the environment, wasting $675 million at the pump and adding 1.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Marketing research group Leger surveyed 1000 Canadian motorists to find out more about car tire care across the country. The Vancouver Sun published some of the survey results, along with helpful tips for proper tire care:

  • 61% of drivers in B.C. do not measure their tire pressures monthly, compared to 69% nationally. Of these, 27% check their tire pressure only when a tire looks flat.
    • Tip: Tires can be underinflated by 20% and still look normal.
  • 23% of drivers across Canada rely on their vehicles’ Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
    • Tip: Many tire Pressure Monitoring Systems do not alert drivers to a problem until pressure is well outside the optimal range.
  • 67% of British Columbians did not know tire pressures should only be measured when tires are cold.
    • Tip: A vehicle should be stationary for at least three hours or not have been driven more than two kilometres before checking tire inflation.
  • 45% of people surveyed said they do not know where to find the correct inflation pressure for their vehicle.
    • Tip: It’s listed on the vehicle placard, commonly located on the inside door post or inside the fuel door. It’s also in the owner’s manual.
  • 45% of respondents wrongly inflate their tires to the air pressure stamped on the tire’s side wall.
    • Tip: This imprinted air pressure refers to the maximum acceptable inflation pressure. Prolonged driving at this level may result in uneven tread wear and reduced traction, particularly on wet road surfaces.

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