Vancouver’s implementation of new 24/7 school zones sparks public debate

Every year around 72 children are injured in school zones by motorized vehicles in B.C., and the city of Vancouver has finally said “enough”.  City bylaws will soon be in place to ensure the speed limit in school and playground zones never exceed 30 kilometers per hour at any point in time. Currently, the 30 kilometers per hour law is only in effect from 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.

This move has been praised by many including the VPD, Vancouver Coastal Health, and ICBC, yet some are not convinced. When questioned about implementing this rule elsewhere, the Mayor of Burnaby was quoted saying, “It is being looked at, but I can’t say where it’ll finish up, at this time.” The Mayer of Coquitlam went as far as to say, “The after-hour realities of a school zone don’t, at least anecdotally to me, don’t appear to be our issue.”

Looking at this issue ourselves, we took to social media to see how the public feels regarding posts made about these new regulations. It became very evident just how polarizing this implementation was. Many in the Twitter community lauded the ambition but said that enforcement was needed to back it up. Others simply laughed it off as a “useless initiative.”

The question remains then if changing the speed limit is not the answer, how do we ensure the safety of our children in these dangerous areas of the city? Are you for or against this new change?

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