Toddler Drowning Is Sad Reminder

Spring is here which means summer isn’t far behind. This means longer days, warmer weather, and more outside activities. But while kids get a break from school, the recent death of a toddler in North Vancouver reminds us that swimming pools cause accidents in the blink of an eye.

The Vancouver Sun reports that the toddler died when the nanny was preoccupied making dinner and told the children to play outside. An RCMP officer found the child submerged in the pool after the older siblings noticed the boy was missing and called 911.

While pools are a fun activity, Safe Kids Canada says that almost half of all child drownings occur in backyard pools, usually when a supervising adult is distracted for less than five minutes.

Health Canada has some great safety recommendations to help prevent poolside injuries and accidents:

  • Children should not be near or in the pool without active adult supervision.
  • Taking swimming lessons does not make kids pool-safe.
  • Have a first aid kit near the pool, along with approved personal flotation devices in appropriate sizes.
  • CPR and pool safety courses are recommended for those who supervise children.
  • Have a fence around the pool that can be locked and is inaccessible by children.
  • Make sure your pool is built in accordance with all local bylaws.

Help protect your children and teach them to play safe near all open water.

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